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Vehicles: yes
Nice guns: yes
nice AI: good, but not great
Good Graphics: no
multiplayer: no
vehicles: yes
nice guns: yes
nice AI: yes
good graphics: great
multiplayer: yes(1-16 players)

clearly this "Halo killer" sucks compared to Halo, any first person shooter that doesn't have multiplayer SHOULD NOT SAY IT IS A HALO KILLER, simply because of that, don't touch KillZone


ravenblade=Diablo11, some may remember me, I was not visiting this site for a while, because i never had time, so apparently they blocked me because the security settings are like that. so i changed my name to be able to get back on, im not new

I have a freind(not really) who likes school better than halo, and thinks that eternal darkness can be compared to halo, he likes max payne more than halo, hates the xbox, likes hitman 2 better than halo, didn't care to much about the in-game footage of halo 2 that I showed him, thinks that a game called Killer 7 wich wont be out for another year is better than halo and halo 2 and any game alive, he's a gamecube junkie that thinks max payne sold 1 million copies in 4 days, he hates all first person shooters, except timesplitter 2, and theres more gayness about him that i can't think of at t