Stubbs the Zombie

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Stubbs the Zombie

I would really like some help with the scientist within the force field. I am not sure what the heck I need to do to get through this mission. He moves around too much to explode him. Please someone help me!

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In the center of the room is

In the center of the room is a circle and around it are red buttons activate enough of them to bring down his force field then either wait for him to hover close to the ground or throw gut grenades at him.

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I'm stuck in the part where

I'm stuck in the part where you are in the street with the tank. What am I supposed to do? I can't get anywhere so quess I'm supposed to somehow destroy the tank?

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Tank Killing

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The most fun way to kill the tank is with rockets, if you can possess a soldier that has them.

The easiest way is with unholy flatulence-- there is a soldier inside the tank, and the flatulence attack works on him like anybody else.

After you immobilize him that way, you can board the tank.

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How to kill

You gotta deactivate his sheild first by pressing all the buttons aoud the center globe-thingy. Using the hand to do this works best to avoid being shot. Once his sheilds deactivated you gotta get a few direct hits on the scientist before he dies. If the sheild turns back on you gotta start over without getting shot. Good luck.

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