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After some discussion with various people about the possibility of Blam being used in a Sony commerical, a few interesting points came up.

First, why would Bungie have given Sony (or even Apple, for that matter) a unannounced game for use in a commercial that highlights a completely different product? Money, perhaps, but one must also consider that Bungie has had some bad experiences with stolen beta's in the past, and a studio is hardly the most secure environment in the world, especially for a game as confidential as Blam is turning out to be.


Bit by bit, we stray from the topic... anyway, for the Hotline faithful out there, CPHL is back online and offering a fairly rich gathering place for Bungie oriented folk. Just be sure you read the agreement when you log in (that way, you're less likely to do as I always do and reflexively hit the Disagree button instead of the Agree one... damn reflexes).

That IP addy (shamelessly cut and pasted from the Townhall! bwa hah hah!) is, and guests are welcomed.


Mojo of Halam, who pointed this out to me, summed it up best: heh...just when you look away.

A report handed in to is raising some eyebrows about the use of Blam in an upcoming iMac commercial (stop by and read the report for the low down). Certainly an interesting possibility, though it is heavy on the speculation side right now.


After a prolonged lack of an online presence, Badlands is back up and running, nestled in a cosy new directory on the Core. We're still updating the maps and scripts, but things should be back to how they were pretty soon.

So, if you're after some quality Myth maps, stop by and check out the new digs.


According to latest reports, I still have a few hours to update before people break out the torches and pitchforks, but no need to procrastinate...

Between the MWC tournament (yes, BoT actually fielded a team), the ongoing Myth projects, and that damn thing called life , I've been a bit busy. Mal has an even better deal, though--he's neck deep in exams, but at least the end is in sight. Anyway, updates... hmm, not much news to update with, but hey, you've gotta try anyway... and yes, I will refresh the poll soon, I promise.


Kudos to Trinity and Cunbelin, who both pointed out a comment in a recent Onicore interview with Oni level designer David Dunn:


Ahh well, no new name for us... according to a Bungie employee, the word on the third screen in the E3 movie is actually censored . Dang Bungie mind games... still, if they're censoring it, it must be interesting. Looking forward to seeing the uncensored version one of these days.


The Database was beginning to look a bit useless, eh? Three new articles have been added in the last week:

  • Marathon-Myth Connections
    Submitted by Kesh, this article looks at some possible connections between Marathon and Myth, and how they may relate to Blam.


Shortly after making the post on Friday (and feeling real good about myself), I realized that my uncanny gift for stating the utterly obvious had manifested. Yes, it says Blam! , and yes, I am the last person to have figured that out.

That humbling revelation off my shoulders, on to the interesting part. Apparently, the video was censored in postproduction (or censored prior to recording... whatever), and the words Blam! and Dink were placed on the two monitors. However, nobody is quite certain what the third monitor says--the letters are too small to make out.

  • A new poll at, asking you to decipher the mumblings of another Bungie employee ( frog blast the vent core ?).
  • Marathon's Story takes a look at some Marathon sounds in music, and their possible origins (it's more mundane than you think ;).