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Getting Outside Ivory Tower

This one from Saberweaver:

To get on top of Ivory Tower...go to the Overshield spot with at least three people in a custom game. There is a little square to the side of the Overshield...have one guy stand in the left back corner (if he is facing the Overshield). Have your Primary weapon as Rockets, and Secondary as Sword. Back up about a few feet away from the person in the corner, hit the melee button using the Rocket, and it should lunge you forward (but not hitting the guy in the corner). After you hit the button, immediately hold right and you will fall through the map (this takes some practice). Right after you start to fall through, hold back like crazy and you will land on this long grey, thin ledge below the map (also, takes some practice). Have another guy do the same thing. Go all the way to the left, next to the column that's connected against the wall, and Sword cancel all the way to the top of the map! Now you can walk and basically see everything that's going on below you!



They're 2 other ways the same one u did on the other side of square and the other one go where thep plasma pistol is spose to be look at the air elevator thing then turn around the look slightly left there should be a ledge get a person on ledgev and another one at other side of the window at the ledge have a sword the have the left thumbstick go left and the other guy touching the window while the guy on the ledge dhold the left stick while lunging to the guy. You will maybe fall down sometimes though and this will take a couple times.