Halo 3 Tricks, Glitches And Easter Eggs

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Be sure to include a link to a screenshot or saved film from Bungie.net. If you have an actual rendered video, as well, you can submit it as well.

Trick Submitter Datesort descending
Dead Tree Halo Tricking narcogen 10.11.05
How to make your scorpion fly Anonymous (not verified) 11.26.06
Contortions On Turf Anonymous (not verified) 12.16.06
Basic Multiplayer Glitching funnyman122 12.16.06
Balloonheads on Midship Anonymous (not verified) 12.16.06
halo 2 tip: ease down position Spartan182 12.22.06
Tombstone Falls Victim To Zero Day Glitches narcogen 04.18.07
to get to bottom of map on acension on your own. RELEASEDkiller 05.21.07
the hole in lockout RELEASEDkiller 05.21.07
the ghost on lockout is fake RELEASEDkiller 05.22.07
rocket propane tanks RELEASEDkiller 05.23.07
Half-Jaw Is In Control narcogen 09.01.07
More Guns Nearby narcogen 09.01.07
Minotaur Box Art In Halo 2 Regicid3 09.01.07
roofs3 narcogen 09.04.07