Halo 3 Tricks, Glitches And Easter Eggs

Here you can restrict your search for Halo 3 Tricks by map.

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Be sure to include a link to a screenshot or saved film from Bungie.net. If you have an actual rendered video, as well, you can submit it as well.

Trick Submitter Datesort descending
sputnik skull spartanNO117 09.16.07
Sign on Zanzibar spartanNO117 09.16.07
blind skull spartanNO117 09.16.07
The Unnamed skull spartanNO117 09.16.07
easy hunter kills halo2 gamer 10.05.07
Grunt Birthday Party Skull spartanNO117 10.08.07
Blind Skull narcogen 10.08.07
Iron narcogen 10.08.07
Black Eye narcogen 10.09.07
Grunt Birthday Party narcogen 10.12.07
Terminals For Halo 3 NThro_Sraom 10.12.07
Famine Skull: Trust Us, Bring A Magazine NThro_Sraom 10.13.07
Catch Skull: Pull pin. Count to three. Throw. NThro_Sraom 10.13.07
Flying Machinegun! NThro_Sraom 10.14.07
Timebomb NThro_Sraom 10.14.07