Lawyers, Myths And Money

Just a follow-up to the earlier story on the EEL debacle, prompted b PrplPplEater's post in our forum. Disclosure: he's an admin at Mariusnet.)

After the modified EEL file, which contained's new IP address so that the Mariusnet plugin would work again with Myth 1.4-- which was produced by a third party, Blades apparently sent a cease and desist email threatening action under the DCMA.

Marius posted in the forum that it was against an agreement between Magma/Marius and PlayMyth/Mythdev to post any information about the EEL file, and although it came from a third-party, Mariusnet and Project Magma had to remove the EEL file and all information about it from their servers.

Other sites, however, have taken up the slack, posting the information as well as copies of the modified EEL file; including Myth Forums.

The long and short of this is, although Blades now says that EEL files are no longer "necessary", at this moment you still need one to use the server. While Doobie has posted that they're trying to get a new one, at the moment the only one that exists and will work on the server right now is the one hosted at Myth Forums.

Having said that, we hope that the messiness of this whole situation doesn't persuade people that one of these servers is inherently better than the other. For myself, I've recently rediscovered Myth in its OS X native 1.4 form, and used the PlayMyth site and metaserver without problem or incident.

As for the lawsuit-- it's really interesting. Violation of a separate agreement or NDA, as far as I know, might be actionable, but not under the DMCA. Besides that, the entity that would need to bring suit under the DMCA would be the owners of the copyright-- in this case, Take Two, and not MythDev, as far as we know.