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Let's Hope Lightning Never Strikes Twice

If it seems to you that HBO is down, blame the weather: a lightning strike has apparently taken out the router that feeds HBO's DNS servers, which make make the site unviewable for a lot of folks. At the moment, we can still see it, but that's probably because we have one of the "lazy" DNS servers Louis Wu mentions in his post.

On the assumption that most people can't see the site right now, here's the entirety of that post:

Not sure how many people can even read this right now... but there's no point in NOT writing it. HBO HQ was hit by lightning yesterday, and a rather large collection of hardware got fried. The most critical piece of this was the router - because of it, no traffic is going into, or out of, the building. This means that the nameservers responsible for telling YOUR computer how to find are now unreachable - so you can only read this if 1) your nameservers are lazy and don't check very often, or 2) you're using a different URL to access these pages. (HBO itself is fine; it's housed 1500 miles away from the dead router. In any case, we're doing our best to find replacement parts; we'll be up as soon as is humanly possible. Apologies.

UPDATE: Subnova has a bit more detail on what happened, including the weekend habits of Cisco salesmen. Or rather, the lack of them.

UPDATE: Almost before we could post that HBO was down, it was back up. Move along, nothing to see here...