First Halo 2 Trick Posted

Speedy put up a trick page on how to get up to the rooftops of Old Mombassa in the Outskirts level. We've made it the first entry in our brand-spanking new Halo 2 Tricks Database. If you have more, send them to us at There are movies with this trick, they'll be coming up soon.

And yes, we know, this isn't that much of a trick.. but it is the first :) There are no story spoilers in this trick, but if you just don't want to see anything before you play it yourself... don't click the link.



Quicktime 6.5.1 cannot play these movies -- it claims it doesn't know what format the films are in. Is a later version of Quicktime required, or a specific codec that needs to be downloaded first?

I have QuickTime 6.5.2 and it plays fine. Perhaps upgrade?


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