Wraith Boost Jumping on Headlong

On Headlong, put a wraith on the map and give every one an overshield. It is best if you modify an existing game type and have everyone start with overshields. Then go to the area where you can get a Banshee, look at the building and turn right, go staight, then to the middle section of the lower wall. Have one player go with their back straight up against the wall, and have another player in the wraith go as far back against the wall across from the other person. Then boost the wraith right into the player against the wall, and they will fly up, possibly up to the crane in the middle of the map, or onto one of the other high buildings (if you're lucky).



also vary good if you duck

i just thought i would share some info...in the place where u would normaly put the person, have the person get in a ghost and back up against the wall (he/she has to be pressing back for this to work) then u can do the wraith boost jumping trick and the ghost will get up on the buildings as well.