Scorpion Flipping

This one from Oliver Stuart :

After you clear the platform with all the shields so all the humans can land (i've only tried in a scorpion), you can shoot the shields and park the scorpion on top of them. When they come back while the scorpion is on top of them, you start driving and it will catapult you around that part of the level. It doesn't help much, but it's fun to do.



When you start the level, head up where you're supposed to go, clear the grunts/jackals, and go under the dirt arch(at least that's what it looks like) and turn right, the turn right again, you'll be goin up a ramp, at the cliff, look to the left, and jump around to that cliff face, you can climb up this, but when you see the texture change on the ground from green to gray, jump over it, or you'll get stuck on a barrier.. And yur up! Flat bushes and all around...go under the lake...whatever you want,...just don't fall too far