Moonshot Games Cancels Fallen Frontier

Damián Isla, Rob Stokes and Michel Bastien left Bungie back in 2009 to start Moonshot Games, and one of the first projects they put on display was Fallen Frontier. It was intended to be a platformer targeted at XBLA. I liked the look of it, and they put up a trailer.

However, two years ago the publishing deal that backed that game died. While the game was shown at the Penny Arcade Expo that year without a publisher, last month the studio cancelled the game.

Joystiq has now written a follow-up story about the game's cancellation and the resurrection of Moonshot Games with a mobile focus.

Isla has written a blog post over at Moonshot Games, just to add a bit to the story about Fallen Frontier and talk about the group's new game, Third Eye Crime.

For various reason, Fallen Frontier had grown larger then our ideal project size — mostly because games in the console download space itself had grown larger and more elaborate. Between then and now, something happened: we became convinced that really great and deep gameplay experiences could be had on the mobile platforms, especially tablet.

So there you have it. Fallen Frontier is no more, but we have something else to look forward to from Moonshot.