Halo 4 Announced

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There's a lot less information out there so far about Microsoft's other E3 2011 announcement, which is a new Halo trilogy of games featuring the Master Chief and Cortana.

The teaser trailer seems to pick up pretty much where the extra Legendary ending trailer in Halo 3 ends. Now, though, instead of just the ominous glowing metal sphere outside, the remains of the Dawn are on fire and the Chief has to bust out the cool new weapon and the built-in jetpack he apparently grew while in the cryotube in order to rescue Cortana from the wreckage.

The game is scheduled for a late 2012 release, and I'm sure there'll be more information available soon, as well as some time to dissect what this new CG trailer tells us.

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Growing Jetpack???

WOW can't wait! If you guys are worrying about the jet pack, it was already built into his armor. Remember those things on his back in Halo3 that looked like minnie-reactors? Those were acually Eva thrusters that Bungie designed. Other than that, everything is on par to the previous Halo trilogy;)

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Re: Halo 4 Announced
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