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Superjump On Zanzibar

This from David Moody:

Go up the ramp into the base on the gate side. Turn left and there
are 2 windows. Break the glass on the one that is farther from you.
There should be a triangular piece of glass sticking out on the wall.
Face the window frame (looking in the direction of the seawall) and
position yourself under the pice of glass. To do this you need to
crouch, and if done right you will be crouched if you let go of the left
thumbstick. Now, the tricky part. Hold forward and try to stay crouched
under the pice of glass. Try not to move. Your reticle should start
shaking a bit when you are ready. Now, tap A while still
pushing forward. If done correctly, you should hit the ground and go
flying upwards on top of the base, possibly hitting the ground and
bouncing again.



crouch under the second window crouch walk under the triangle piece of glass hold forward a little look at glass,and jump while holding forward when it starts to shake.

basically what you have to do is position yourself facing the window frame, with your body on the left side of the piece of glass. Your body must be positioned between the left side of the frame and the piece of glass. In other words, the big spinny electricity thing must be on your left, the piece of glass the closest on your right. Just walk forwards until the screen shakes, and jump. You should fall backwards and to your left, hitting the floor of the base (ground floor) and going up. So, just position it so you fall to the bottom floor. The screen shaking is your body trying to find where it is supposed to be; when you jump as you still shake, this means the violent shaking still carries on. In a sense, you are still shaking in the air. You hit the ground, and because you are shaking so much, it just adds to your bounce. If this was Halo with the speed damage, you would be dead literally when you hit the ground.

I did what you said and when i fall down the ground, I fell through and died in an endless pit. :)

It will be easier if you made a video.