Windmill-Keeper (Mod-Chip not needed)

Hello all Halo-Fans,

I recently stumbled across this trick while playing juggernaut on Zanzibar. First, you have to jump on the part of the windmill that lifts you up, as soon as it gives you the chance, jump on top of the bridge(The thing that you shoot down, and makes noise when you walk on it, which should not have been shot down yet). After this, do the same with another person, then bring the juggernaut up, which is really hard because he MUST!!! be fast and he sometimes jumps over the bridge. When you are all up, it gets to the hard part, No0b1 has to jump on n0ob2's head, without falling, while the juggernaut jumps on top of them and then he makes a very, VERY sharp jump th the edge of the Windmill. As soon as you land DO NOT JUMP!!!!!, RUN UP THE WINDMILL INSTANTLY!!!!. If done correctly, you should not be owned by Guardians, pushed off, or be just plain stupid enough to fall. This is the perfect view of the whole map , for and ideal sniping post.

(Mod-chip not needed)

-Skull-Seeker 4 life!!!!!!