Request - Under Cover of Night

Can I get Under Cover of Night for trumpet/bflat clarinet or maybe Another Rain on trumpet/ b flat clarinet?

Halo 3 Weekly Updates

Although Bungie has been doing Weekly Updates more or less continuously, after the official announcemnent of Halo 3 at E3 in 2006, we return to archiving them here on a regular basis as they return to their original purpose as a development diary.

Let's Play Destiny Co-op #81 Entropy's Pinnacle

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Entropy's Pinnacle

We ascend the heights above the Citadel to eliminate more Taken.

Let's Play Destiny Co-op #80 Taken War Venus

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Taken War: VenusEven with Oryx miss

Even with Oryx missing in action, presumed Taken, his footsoldiers continue to assault Guardians and others on Venus.

Let's Play Destiny Co-op #79 Paradox

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Ikora Rey sends us down into the Vault of Glass, chasing the Taken, and we make a surprising find.

Let's Play Destiny Co-op #78 Regicide

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We confont Oryx on the Dreadnaught.

Let's Play Destiny Co-op #77 Last Rites

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Last Rites

New stealth tech stolen, we revisit the site of Crota's death to steal his soul's remains.

Let's Play Destiny Co-op #76 Spark in Shadow

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Spark in Shadow

We take a break from hunting Oryx in order to gain the arc-powered Stormcaller subclass for Narcogen's Warlock.

Let's Play Destiny Co-op #75 Ranger Lost

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Ranger Lost

Narcogen rescues the power of the Nightstalker from fallen hunter Tevis in the Black Garden.

Let's Play Destiny Co-op #74 Promethean Code

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Promethean Code

We raid Rasputin's bunker in search of more stealth technology.

Let's Play Destiny Co-op #73 Lost To Light

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Lost To Light

We return to the chamber that housed Crota's soul to pilfer a crystal.

Let's Play Destiny Co-op #72 Enemy of my Enemy

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Enemy of my EnemyBlackstar and Narc

Blackstar and Narcogen return to the dreadnaught to find out what the Cabal have found out about Oryx and the Taken.

Let's Play Destiny Co-op #71 The Dreadnaught

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The Dreadnaught

With Eris Morn's ship outfitted with our stolen stealth drive, we set out to make a beachhead on Oryx's dreadnaught.

Let's Play Destiny Co-op #70 Cayde's Stash

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Cayde's Stash

Hunter Vanguard Cayde-6 sends us into the Cosmodrome to find some hidden stealth technology.

Let's Play Destiny Co-op #69 The Coming War

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The Coming War

We check out a Cabal distress signal from Phobos in Destiny The Taken King 's first level.

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