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get on top of the terminal map

alright me and two of my friends discovered a glitch on the new map i want to share this with the public =-). ok here is what you wil need to do this glitch. three people, but the more the better, just make sure you don't have people that kill you becAUSE THAT GETS FRUSTRATING. now you will need a warthog, and of course the terminal map, and friend whho have the terminal map. alright to get started. find where the warthog responds. then in the room it is in, drive your wart hog to the top floor of that same room, but go up in reverseon the stair case. then onces your up, drive slowly in reverse straight back from the stair case, until the back end is off the ledge. now also i forgot to add, that you will need swords and overshield help too... now you need someone to stand on the back of the warthog where the turret is, and he just stands there lookking down at the ground. and then another person jumps down on the ground, and then sword cancels up off the guy on the warthog, (sword canceling you just press right trigger and then x while locked on to your enemy.) so you sword cancel off the guy on the warthog, then you will hit the window above the ledge. once you hit the window turn the opposite direction and walk the other way. only while in there air. you should after a little bit of trying it over and over, you will be on an invisable staircase, and you can walk anywhere you want on the map, like on top of buildings and stuff, this is an incredible glitch, i hope you enjoy it. =-) if you have any questions about this glitch, you can leave me messages, or send me a friend request, my ganertag is freexownagex


I tried the glitch a couple times and i couldn't get it. Can you tell me in a bit more bepth on how to get intop of Terminal? If you can, that would be great. Thanks! P.S. Do you have XBC (Xbox Connect)?

This glitch seems like its a really good glitch but it's almost impossible to do it without seeing it done. Making a short video of this being done would really help me and other people reading this a lot! Also, if their were videos on this website, more people would definitely visit this site too. I hope this will get through to somebody! :)

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sumon neads 2 lerne 2 spel.....