Rhys Hill has provided the busy folk at Marathon Open Source with a new build of the open sourced version of Marathon, Aleph One. Comes in two flavors, error checking enabled and diet, so stop by and pick it up if you're keeping up with the project. And be sure to grab the other necessary source files they've posted as well.

More progress being made on Aleph One over at Marathon Open Source, who report that better XML support is in the pipes. Courtesy of codewarrior Loren Petrich, these planned changes should improve Marathon's new XML variable definitions, which are used to implement changes in engine appearance and behavior from map to map. At least, I think that's what they have in mind... hard to keep up sometimes!

While on our sticker-slapping run in a Bungie-unendorsed game of Bungie Sticker Tag at E3, Bravehamster and I got a small bit of audio to share with you. We accosted Doug Zartman while the poor guy was taking a break and got him to give us his now famous (for Marathon gamers) rendition of they're everywhere! The audio isn't the best and you may need to kick your volume up a bit, but it was just another part of the fun at E3. Kudos to BH for having his recorder handy and for digitizing the audio into a WAV!

A noteworthy new release of the Aleph One source code at Marathon Open Source today. Put together by Rhys Hill, this new release is for Apple's free MPW compiler, which means prospective codewarriors no longer actually need Codewarrior to get in on the open source effort. Definitely worth checking out if you're on a budget and wanting to try tinkering with Aleph One.

Not really our jurisdiction, but a pair of interesting Marathon screenshots hiding on CPHL were pointed out to me a few days ago, and subsequent investigation turned up no prior reports on them. I'll feel rather silly if these are old news, but the creation dates were fairly recent... anyways, here they are for your viewing pleasure:

No, really... there's an interesting similarity between one symbol and another shown in today's speculations at the Marathon's Story page. For those who don't visit that site with any regularity, writers-in have found numerous similarities between the Marathon symbols and other images throughout the Internet. Just one more piece of the conspiracy for Bungie World Domination. ;-)

Shamelessly copied and pasted from the news at CPHL:

Marathon development site is now active @ sourceforge.

When propagated, it will be

Coders please register w/ sourceforge and then PM or e'mail me ( your SourceForge login to get added to the team.


Not a lot to report today. Yes yes, I'm sure you're all shocked and dismayed, wondering how this could possibly be, but I assure you there really isn't much happening.

Lifted fresh from Marathon's Story comes word that long time Marathon and Myth application codewarrior Bo Lindbergh has posted a cleaned up version of the recently released Marathon 2 source code. To clarify, a snippet from the post: