Recovered Independence To Reinvigorate Bungie

1Up interviews Bungie's Brian "SketchFactor" Jarrard about the Bungie-Microsoft split. So far everyone who has spoken to the press is still on the same page; that this was a mutually beneficial deal, quickly and amicably agreed upon. Despite 1Up trying to press and find some conflict, no one will admit to any, even theoretical:

1UP: What if Microsoft had simply said "no, sorry, we're keeping Bungie internal, that's that?" Part of this deal seems to be covering Microsoft's end -- if they pushed you guys too hard, people would just leave, anyway.

Jarrard: It's hard to say what could or would have happened. Who knows. But it's definitely true that this newfound relationship with Microsoft will help to reinvigorate and energize many of our elder team members.

So, independence is like Viagra for videogames development. And what does "elder team members" mean? Composer Marty "The Elder" O'Donnell? Bungie founder Jason Jones?

Thanks for the heads-up on the article to DominoEffect.