Matchmaking Cheaters Do It Pro Boner

[image:10206 left hspace=5 vspace=5 border=0] KP has hit the ground running at Bungie with a story at that explores the hidden (or perhaps not so hidden) connections between people who cheat at Halo in matchmaking and poor spelling, nonexistant grammar, and general idiocy.

My personal favorite is the one who tried to plead innocence and then make a legal threat:

This person has not done "Modding", "Standbying", or "Bridging" of that kind. If Bungie seriously wanted to suspend someone of doing something along the line of cheating, then look over some stats. If none of these accusation are settle, you may be hearing from a lot of complaints. Some may be said by lawyers.

Lawyers say a lot of things, but I think the first thing this guy is going to hear from a lawyer is that one won't work for a percentage of his milk money.



Uh, KP?

KP is short for Kevein Paul. Read his interveiw in the Halo3 weekly update to find out more about him.

I did not know that.

Yes-- Frankie posted the story but it does say there that KP is the one who went through the mail.

Rampant for over six years.

.. that he wrote the witty repartee, at any rate.

Rampant for over six years.