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Due out in 2010.

Forerunner Map Pack Issues

UPDATE: We have agreed to partner up in the makings of the Forerunner Map Pack and have split them into two parts. Part 1 is complete and can be found and downloaded here:
Part 2 will be released early April. For more info on Part 2 of the map pack click the link below.

I have recently learned that another person on xboxlive has also been working on a project with the Forerunner Map Pack title and we have run into some difficulties. We have worked out a few things and are most likely going to work out a partners deal and combine both of our overall creations into one map pack. We both have quite a few maps to put together though so expect the possibility of a FMP part I and FMP part II. If worst comes to worst I will simply change the name of the map pack and hopefully all disputes will be settled. More details to come in the future.

For more information on the actual Forerunner Map Pack click on this link:

Reach Nominated For Best Soundtrack, Interactive Score

Halo Reach Logo

The Game Audio Network Guild has announced its final nominees for the 9th annual awards, to be held this upcoming March 3 in San Francisco, CA. Reach is up for a total of four awards: Best Soundtrack, Best Interactive Score, Best Vocal - Choral (for "Hymn") and Best Use of Multi-Channel Surround.

Forerunner Map Pack Official Announcement

Information on the Forerunner Map Pack Part 2 can be found here. The Forerunner Map Pack Part 2 will feature 3 multiplayer ready maps created by me (YoungSykotic182) along with 1 bonus map. All maps will support all gametypes except Invasion and Race variants. The maps are currently in Beta testing and will be released early April. Videos showcasing previews of the maps will be up some time next week and can be found here:

Time to Dance - Halo Reach

This the song from the Halo: Reach level "The Package." The song starts at 3:30 and ends at 5:15 (although I included the ending to this) In the game, this plays while you are defending Dr. Halsey's lab (a Firefight-like scenario on the Firefight map "Glacier")
There are definitely a few mistakes in this version. I did everything (except the last part) by ear. One part I know is probably wrong is in the 27th/28th measures, but it won't sound terrible if you play it that way.
Can someone please refine this, and possibly help work on combining it so it can be played in two hands (even if that means just putting the notes on the top staff with the notes on the bottom staff). I would really appreciate it. I'm sorry I don't have really decent sheetmusic for this one; it wasn't easy to make, and I'm only using NoteWorthy Composer, which sucks. I apologize.


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Request - for Band music Halo Reach: "Overture"

Before you start all i need is only from 0:01-0:55 from 0:01-2:00 0:01-3:18 and all of it 0:01-4:00
(depending if we are going to play the whole song or not)


in my 7th grade band

3- percussions
1-alto sax
2-base clarinets
1-French horn
1-baritone sax
1-(brass) baritone

Daily Challenges 11/2/10

Ok, so we still haven't managed to complete Bungie's 117 million community daily challenges challenge. So here I am again to provide you guys with a few tips on how to do todays challenges so we can lift the level cap. Fortunately, Bungie is taken it easy on everyone today by giving you some really easy challenges.

Kill 10 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking. 100cR

Simple enough. Just one game of almost anything should net you this challenge fairly easily. Team slayer or swat should do for now, and if you really don't think you can get 10 kills in one of those matches then play invasion slayer.

Earn 10 assists today in multiplayer Matchmaking. 200cR

I find assists pretty difficult to obtain in this game but in my opinion the easiest method is to grab a partner and play invasion. As the the elites shoot someone with an overcharged plasma pistol and let your partner finish him off. In any other game type just try to get rid of someones shields and dont finish them off if your teammate is shooting at them as well. If that doesn't work, just play and you should get it in no time.

Score 20,000 points in a Firefight Matchmaking game. 2500cR

Two words for this one guys... ROCKET FIGHT! Enough said, but I'll say more anyway. Beachhead is probably the best level for this. Remember that you are not restricted to the use of your rocket launcher. You have infinite ammo for what ever you pick up. I suggest you pick up a fuel rod if you just want to go all out heavy weapons or try to find a needle rifle to quickly dispatch survivors. Use your rockets only when they get dropped off to kill them in bulk and land huge points and multikills. One more thing, kill wraiths and ghosts. Those are huge points by themselves.

Make a clip from your Local files and upload it to your File Share. 777cR

This one is pretty self explanatory. Go into theatre and make a film clip and upload it to your File Share. Yes, you actually have to go and make a clip. You cannot just upload a clip that you already have in order to get the challenge.

Well that is all for today. The weekly challenge is in the previous blog. If you have any questions or tips that you would like to share then please leave a comment.
Go here to see the weekly challenge: http://rampancy.net/blog/spartan182/01/11/2010/Daily_Challenges_11110

Daily Challenges 11/1/10

As you should all know by now Reach has a level cap of Lt. Colonel Grade 3. Bungie has already stated that the community has to complete 117 million daily and weekly challenges in order to lift it. Head over to Bungie.net to see where our current progress is at lifting the cap. You will find that we are extremely close to this goal. So in order to possibly reach that goal today I am going to provide you guys with a few tips to get todays challenges done.

First up on today's list is Gunslinger, which requires you to kill 40 enemies in multiplayer matchmaking. This challenge is fairly easy and all you need to do is go into multiplayer. The only determining factors for this challenge will be dependent on how good you are and what your favorite game type is. I would say that Rumble pit or Swat would be the quickest for me but it is mainly up to you. This challenge is worth 400 Credits. Basically, 10 per kill.

The second challenge for today is One Spartan Army, which asks you to kill 150 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking. Load up score attack and play through 2 matches of Gruntpocalypse on Corvette to get the most out of this challenge. Stay near the spawn and aim for the head and you should have no trouble at all completeing this challenge. Credits for completion: 1500.

Third on the list for today's challenges is House of Pain, arguably the toughest one for today, which will require you to complete a campaign mission on Heroic with the following skulls: Mythic, Tilt, Thunderstorm. Load up Winter Contingency on Heroic with those 3 skulls and your all set to go. Run through the level and get to the part where you first come into contact with the Covenant. Go down the basement and keep running out the door and up the stairs to the right. Do not fight any of the Covenant. From here on stick to the right of the level and keep running until you get to the cars. Congrats! You just skipped the hardest part of the level. Drive past all the buildings without fighting until you get to the part where you have to defend the Marines. Grab your DMR and hide occasionally popping out and shooting a few grunts. Let your teammates do the fighting! You will then be transported via Falcon to Kat's position. Once you exit the Falcon toss a grenade at the jackals in front of the door and sprint passed them into the area where Kat is. Hide in the back and wait it out. The door will close after about 5 minutes and you will move on to the next part. skip the custscene unless you want to watch it and grab the DMR in front of you and go behind the crates. Let Jorge handle the little guys while you focus your fire on the Zealot class elite. Try to kill him so that you can make your life easier at the end of the level. Once he is out of the way progress through the hallway and make use of your grenades. Swap your pistol for a plasma pistol and then switch back to your DMR. Kill the Grunts that come out of the door in the bottom room. Now switch to the plasme pistol and run downstairs and hit the sword elite with a charged shot. Switch to your DMR and put a bullet in his throat. Hit the button and you will just have recieved 1000 Credits.

The last daily challenge is basically a given. If you have already linked your gamertag to Bungie.net then you would have completed this awhile back. If not, simply head over to Bungie.net and sign up! Search for a match and you will have completed this challenge and earn a whopping 3000 Credits. How generous of Bungie.

The weekly challenge is called Multiplicative and asks that youearn 45 multikills in multiplayer Matchmaking. Head into Invasion for the best results. Rumble pit and Swat work well to but again this one is based on your personal preference.

Good luck guys and get these challenges done! The level cap should be lifted no later than tomorrow if not today. If you have found an easier way to do a challenge or have any tips of your own feel free to share them and leave a comment!

Request - At Any Cost

Can somebody make sheetmusic (preferably for piano) for the Halo: Reach song "At Any Cost"? I tried doing it by ear, but it proved to difficult (for me). I would appreciate it.


Halo Reach Birth of a Spartan

Birth of a Spartan is not coming along so well. I have had a few technical difficulties with Finale and have finally fixed a few problems only to realize that this song is very hard to put into sheet music. I cant seem to find a way to get it to sound right. I have the entire song figured out till the end from what I believe to be the correct notes but I am kind of stuck putting the part where Carter is about to recieve his augmentations into shet music. I havent found a way to put that part on Finale yet but in time it will happen.

Keep looking at this blog for updates on how it is working out and maybe even an estimated time of arrival. Leave a comment or email me if you think you can help or have any suggestions. When the sheet music is finally here I will move this blog into the sheet music section.

UPDATE: Ironically after I posted this I found out the perfect way to put it in sheet music! Now I am at the part where Carter's eyes turn blue. Once again if you have any suggestions feel free to leave a comment. If you would like to help me out with Finale leave a comment asking me and I will send you the file via email.

Current Status: On Hiatus (download midi to see where im currently at)
Projected files: mus, midi, pdf

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Swift, Strong, Brave for marching band

Hi all,

Here is the song 'Swift, Strong, Brave' from the Halo: Reach track 'Overture' arranged for a marching band.

It's actually a bit too slow to march, but it could be played as a pep tune...

2 Flute parts
2 Clarinet parts
2 Alto Saxophone parts
2 Mellophone parts
2 Trumpet parts
Marimba (2)
Auxiliary percussion (Bass drum, tam-tam, suspended cymbal, tom drum, snare drum, shaker)
Marching Snares
Marching Tenor drums
Marching Bass drums (4)

If you want any more instrumentation added, let me know, or if you want the individual parts.

Included files:
.pdf, .mp3, .sib (sorry, no midi file. The percussion on it sounded awful.)

Let me know what you think!

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Request - Torch and burn piano/ Incomnnicado

i love those songs i have torch and burn frome ear but isnt complet

Reach Epilogue - Spartans Never Die

Here is my arrangement of the song "Epilogue" from the Halo Reach Official Sound Track. I have only the transcribed the beginning part, which is called "Spartans Never Die", because it is the only part that is actually played on the piano. No I will not be attempting to finish the rest of it. If there is another transcriber out there who would be willing to do so feel free to use this as your starting point. This song is my personal arrangement and was not intended to be note for note so please don't leave comment on mistakes that you have found. I assure you that there aren't any because it is written the way I wanted to play it. This song is really easy to play and shouldn't take you any more than a few minutes to learn. Enjoy the sheet music!

Folder contents:
Halo Reach - Epilogue Spartans Never Die.mid
Halo Reach - Epilogue Spartans Never Die.mus (Finale Printmusic 2008)
Halo Reach - Epilogue Spartans Never Die.pdf

UPDATE 5/4/11: Revised sheet music and replaced old files.

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Halo Reach OST Ashes for Piano

Here is the song "Ashes" from the Halo Reach Official Soundtrack. I've finally gotten around to getting this up. This piece takes a little practice to play but overall it's not very hard. Have fun playing and enjoy the sheet music!

UPDATE 5/6/11: Fixed inconsistencies in the sheet music. Big thanks to Pedrotome for the help. Also added the midi for Orchestra Kat's cutscene version.

UPDATE 4/26/11: Replaced old transcription with the new one. The new transcription is based off of the link Chief Mendez kindly provided which was found on Bungie.net. The link can be found at the bottom of this post. I have also made a video of me actually playing the new version and have posted it for all of you to see on YouTube. The link for the video can also be found down below.

Files in folder:

Halo Reach - Ashes (Kat's cutscene) Orchestra.mid
Halo Reach - Ashes Orchestra.mid
Halo Reach - Ashes Piano.mid
Halo Reach - Ashes Piano.mus (Finale Printmusic 2008)
Halo Reach - Ashes Piano.pdf

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvw-jnwFIyA
File on Bungie: http://downloads.bungie.net/audio/ashes_piano.mp3

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The Battle Begins full Score

thx to theawesome1 for sheets

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Exodus - Before the Fire

Before the Fire from Exodus. The first song in the track, but I dropped the tremolo strings at the very start of it.

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