ODST armor

as you know i am very excited about the release of HALO 3 ODST this september, so much that i made a full set of ODST armor, this was done using the pepakura system, for those of you who know what this is than you know what im talking about, for those that dont then i would reccomend downloading this and checking it out it is definitly worth it

easy hunter kills

if you look closley, you can see an orange stripe around the hunters back waist area and around his neck. when the hunter has his back turned to you, shoot the orange stripe (with a pistol to make it look cooler) at the orange strip OR shoot it when the hunter turns to whack you if you hit him i9n the neck he will drop in one hit

Ghosts of Onyx first of a three part series

April 4 2007 Eric Nylund author of the halo books announced that there will be at least 2 more books following ghosts of onyx they will be based on showing exactly what was going on every where else while master chief was off blowing up a covenate sacred ring and disabiling a covenate armada on his way back.

here is my source.