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Then We Shall Watch Them In The Shade

Myth Logo

Over in the MariusNet forum, punkUser points out that any old school Myth fans looking to check out some current tournament action can have a look at NewMutator's YouTube channel.

Community Forge Contest Announced

Reader Cryptic of the Bungie Community Group club writes to let us know of that group's unofficial Community Forge Contest. The contest is for map variants based on the Mythic Maps due out soon; purchasers of the Limited Edition of Halo Wars will get access to them on that disc. The contest winner will get a year of Xbox Live or $50 worth of MS points, and the top three maps (one for each Mythic Map) will be featured on Bungie Favorites in the Bungie Community Group spotlight. Deadline for entries is March 3, 2009. There is no entry fee. For complete details, visit the Bungie Community Group.

COD4 Back On Top Again

Xbox Live

According to Major Nelson's blog, Halo 3 and COD4 have done the top ten topsy-turvy trick again. Call of Duty 4 is on top (for the moment) and Halo 3 is playing second fiddle.

Oddball Testing, One, Two... Three?

Halo 3 Logo

This week's Double XP weekend features twelve players, four teams, and three balls. Check it out!

Bungie Goes Bengal Hunting

It's the NFL's Bengals against Bungie this week in the first great sporting event of the New Year.

Halo 3 Big Team Battle Goes Ranked

Sixteen player carnage in ranked form has arrived in Halo 3. Log in to matchmaking and hop into the Ranked Big Team Battle playlist to take it for a spin.

Bungie Winter Pentathlon Preview

SketchFactor has put up a preview of this year's Winter Bungie Pentathlon, detailing some of the games to be played (Halo 3 and Pictionary) as well as, uncharacteristically, a list of staffers broken down into the four teams: Grizzled Ancients, Old Skool, Middle School, and Newbies. This year, the studio is so big that Marty O'Donnell is finally a Grizzled Ancient.

Humpday Challenge: Clan Practice

The kind and well-behaved folks from Clantacular met us on the Internet for a "friendly." Did we lose again?

Bubbleshield Glitch Hits Halo 3

Multiple Bubbleshields

Frag The Cullen forwarded to me a film clip made by Jihaku of a Team Slayer game played a few days ago. In that game, player Geo Stelar seems to have an infinite bag of bubble shields. No matter how many times he deploys it, he always has another, a fact he uses to his advantage in this film. There's also a thread about the alleged exploit at

It's quite definitely identified as a team slayer game and not a Forge or a Custom film, so that would seem to rule out those ways of altering the behavior of the bubble shield.

Have hackers already been able to modify Halo 3 maps and use those modified maps in matchmaking? Is this a bug in the game? An artifact of extreme lag? The last theory might be the best; the clip author Jihaku seems to die after deploying a bubble shield, but then drops one when he shouldn't have had one. Geo Stelar picks up that bubbleshield, and shortly after realizes that it doesn't disappear from his inventory when deployed.

Halo 3 Soundtrack Announced

Halo 3 Soundtrack has a page up for the two-disc Halo 3 Original Soundtrack, due out on November 20, 2007. It will include the music created by Marty O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori for Halo 3 and be published by Sumthing Else Records. However, it will also include a track by the lucky winners of a contest being run at Halo 3's Myspace page. Submissions will be accepted until midnight on October 22. For contest details see the myspace page.

Bungie, NBA Player Cheat At Halo


Once again more news has transpired in 24 hours than I'm able to handle with the individual loving care that each unique-as-in-snowflake bit of news fully deserves to be treated. So sue me.

Here's what happened:

Bungie cheated HBO out of a Humpday win. Makes you wish there was some large company comprised of adults watching over these boys Luke Smith while at play.

Speaking of cheating, NBA player Gilbert Arenas apparently sets up dummy matches of doubles in social slayer and gets the dummy to quit out, leaving him with the victory and the experience points. MC187 sniffed out the method looking at statistics, and the Washington Post got Arenas to admit to it, who arrogantly asserted it wasn't cheating. Bungie, instead of banning him, pointed to Arenas' apparently legitimately high matchmaking skill ranking as proof of the player's ability and ignored the fact that he's manipulating the experience system. So that's it, it's OK to set up fake social games to get free experience points. If you're a famous NBA player who is friends with top MLG teams. Otherwise, don't. You might get banned.

Speaking of HBO, Bungie AI engineer Max Dyckhoff gave an excellent and wide-ranging interview to HBO about exactly how the Saved Films feature works (it is simultaneously both more and less complex than you'd think) as well as how driving AI works (or doesn't).

Frankie pointed out Halolcats, the content of which is pleasantly predictable.

Shacknews interviewed Wideload's Alex Seropian about being an independent game studio.

PlayMyth Shuts Down

Those of us steeped in Halo 3 and Bungie Breakaway news might be forgiven momentarily for forgetting that online communities for Bungie's Mac and PC RTS games, Myth, are still hanging in there a decade after the game was released.

Unfortunately one of them, PlayMyth, has now shut down. Server administrator Blades, apparently posting as elusivemind, says he no longer has the time or energy to keep up with it.

Those looking for their online Myth multiplayer fix can still visit Mariusnet, and if you need Myth related files, including updates to Myth 2, visit Project Magma.

Thanks Gholsbane at MBO.

Bungie Prevails In First Official Halo 3 Humpday

Shishka saved Bungie from humiliating defeat in the first post-launch Halo 3 Humpday, as the boys from Kirkland waded into Social Slayer and got socially slayed.

Check for the full writeup as well as links to the Saved Films; this is the first time we'll be able not just to read about the humpday, or pore over the statistics, but actually see the matches themselves. No more lying embellishment!

Major League Gaming Posts Halo 3 Downloads

Version 1 of MLG's official gametypes and settings for Halo 3 are now available for download and playing on your very own Xbox 360. No word yet on whether or not every single weapon has been replaced by a Battle Rifle, or if Luke Smith has had an orgasm yet.

UPDATE: Yes, the primary weapon for all gametypes is the Battle Rifle. Way to be consistent, guys. Still no update on that other thing.

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